Kvinnokören Sapphonia (Women's Choir) was founded in 1984 and today is led by Frida Andréasson. The choir is an independent membership association located in Stockholm, and currently has nearly forty singers who sing in four different parts.

Our purpose is to develop ourselves musically and to promote lesbian culture and music through singing and public performances. Our repertoar is a mixture of classical and modern music. Our conductor also contributes with original arrangements for the choir.

We often collaborate with other choirs, mainly Stockholm's Gay Choir, Stockholms Gaykör.

Annually, we usually have a spring concert, and during the Stockholm Pride Week we participate in the “Mass of Love”. It has also become a much beloved tradition to have a Christmas concert in December with Stockholms Gaykör in the German Cathedral in the old town.

The choir has participated in festivals for gay choirs in London, Berlin och Kiel. We made a show ourselves. We have also been singing in different cities like Oslo, Köpenhamn and Göteborg. 1992 the choir recieved a prize from the Gay Bookstore: "Rosa Rummets Kulturpris".

Please contact us through e-mail: kvinnokoren1@hotmail.com